Attributes of God

John 17:3: And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

2 Peter 1:2: Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,

I want to know Him, not just about Him. I want to worship Him with my life. I want to worship Him with what I write. I want you to worship Him. The better you know Him the easier and more natural it will be for you to worship Him.

There are many attributes of God in this list that deserve to be on top of the list. I regret they can*t all be there. It*s almost a shame to touch on them so briefly. Each one merits a complete study of its own. Perhaps the Lord will permit me to go into more depth on some of them in the future. Listing them in this way is a little like taking a helicopter ride in which we just touch down on the peaks of the Rocky Mountain range. We would probably miss a lot of peaks as well as a lot of other beautiful and important things.

God is the savior.
God is gracious.
God is merciful.
God is long-suffering. (patient)
God is faithful.
God is forgiving. (because of Jesus* death)
God is generous.
God is accessable. (through Jesus)
God is blessed. (happy)
God is love.
God is perfect.
God is majestic.
God is royal.
God is divine.
God is beautiful.
God is glorious.
God is good.
God is great.
God is a spirit.
God is all-wise.
God is all-knowing.
God is all-powerful.
God is all-sufficient.
God is all in all.
God is true.
God is truth.
God is alive.
God is life.
God is the future.
God is the only God.
God is triune. (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
God is a jealous God.
God is light.
God is pure.
God is a mystery. (more so to unbelievers)
God is interesting.
God is unfathomable.
God is limitless.
God is immeasurable.
God is secretive about things we don*t need to know.
God is secretive about things when it would harm us to know them.
God is trustable.
God is just. (fair)
God is eternal.
God is Holy.
God is good.
God is wonderful.
God is meek.
God is gentle.
God is right.
God is the creator.
God is the sustainer.
God is the provider.
God is the source of everything.
God is the communicator.
God is a listener. (He hears all)
God is the judge.
God is the ultimate controller.
God is above us in every way.
God is protection.
God is knowable. (He wants to be known)
God is obeyable.
God is helpful.
God is the guide.
God is near.
God is everywhere.
God is inescapable.
God is involved in everything.
God is concerned about everything.
God is not devious.
God is not secretive about what we need to know.
God never changes.
God enjoys His creation.
God enjoys who He is.
God enjoys those who trust Him.
God hates evil.
God controls time.
God has perfect timing.
God has boundaries for us.
God has plans for each of us.
God has a will for each of us.
God has tasks for each of us.
God has rewards for us.
God has discipline for us.
God has no judgment for us.
God has judgment for unbelievers.
God has the lake of fire for Satan and his angels.
God has a glorious future for us.
God has a purpose for us.
God has a purpose for all of creation.
God has a purpose for Himself.
God has a sense of humor.
God has wrath.
God gives of Himself.
God gives Himself.
God gives life.
God gives health.
God gives eternal life.
God gives trials.
God gives faith.
God gives hope.
God gives joy.
God gives peace.
God gives strength.
God gives knowledge.
God gives wisdom.
God gives love.
God causes love.
God gives promises.
God keeps promises.
God desires and deserves our faith.
God desires and deserves our obedience.
God desires and deserves a relationship with us.
God desires and deserves our attention.
God desires and deserves our worship.
God desires and deserves our enjoyment of Him.
God misses nothing.
God overlooks nothing.
God ignores nothing.
God never lies.
God never sins.
God never fails.
God never tempts.
God never changes.
God is worth my all.
God is worth your all.
God is worth everyone*s all.

Do you know Him? Is He worth knowing? Do you appreciate Him? Do you love Him? Is He worth loving? Do you tell Him you love Him? Do you show Him you love Him by your life? How much is God worth to you?

One human mind could never complete a list of God*s attributes. All the human minds of all the history of the world could not complete the list either. But I would like to enlist your help in making it a little more complete. If you are aware of attributes of God that I have forgotten or don*t know, please share them with me.

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