The Battle For Your Time

Your time is a major spiritual battleground. Whoever controls your time controls you. You should permit God to control your time and you should control it for Him. Ultimately, there are only two ways you can spend your time, serving God or serving Satan. Serving self usually falls into the category of serving Satan. Serving others usually falls into the category of serving God. Wasting time is always in the category of serving Satan.

If Christians surrender their time to the Lord they will win every other battle. Whenever they surrender their time to Satan they lose at least a skirmish.

As in any spiritual battle, we can have God*s help and guidance. We can ask Him what to do with every block of our time. If we have a personal relationship with Him we can do that. Before I retired there was less time that I could control. The battlefield was smaller and I knew that I could not waste very much time. Now that I am retired, I don*t have an employer that deserves eight hours a day of my time. There are now eight hours a day more that God and Satan battle over.

The ways in which we spend our time are largely habitual. We need to make good habits and break bad ones. We are greatly blessed if we make time with God a regular habit. Plan your time, plan to seek God*s guidance, pray, study, meditate, serve Him, rejoice, give thanks, rest, exercise.

Who deserves to be in control of my time? Who will make the best use of it? Who gives us time in the first place? Who deserves to own our time? God!!

Satan is a thief. He will steal as much time from its rightful owner as he possibly can. Be at least as protective of your time as you are of your money. Time is very precious.

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