Benefits Of Church Attendance 5

What benefits will you get in a Biblical church?

You can learn how to live the *life more abundant* that Jesus spoke about and enjoy it. Love will happen like it happens nowhere else. The *sincere milk of the word* will be given to you which will help you to grow as a Christian. You will be given the wisdom of the ages which will help you in every area of your life. You will be taught delightful and inspiring truth from the Bible that you will be unable to discover by yourself. You will acquire a love for the Bible. You will be taught to recognize spiritual error.

You will see joyful examples of Christians to emulate. You will be able to understand and be understood by dozens of other like-minded Christians. You will have much more in common with them than with unbelievers. You will be more at peace with them than with anyone else. Friendships will form that will last forever. It is called fellowship.

Many discover God*s purpose for their lives in a church. Many learn how joyful they are when fulfilling His purpose. You will be invited to share in ministry to others. You will learn that ministry to others provides you with more joy than anything else in your life. Being in the presence of godly people will help you to know the Lord better. You will become more useful to the Lord.

You will learn the importance of prayer. You will learn how to communicate better with the Lord. You will have the support of others praying for you. You can acquire better habits. Your erroneous beliefs and lifestyle can be corrected.

Going to church is a good testimony. I love to carry my Bible out of my home into my car on my way to church, and from my car into my home when I return from church. My neighbors know where I am going and probably the times of the worship services at my church. You ought to wear your best clothes to honor the Lord when you go there. That is a better testimony than wearing the same clothes you wear for work or recreation.

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