Best Things FOR YOU

Best thing to do for yourself: Surrender to the Lord. Because of Who He is, receiving Jesus is surrender.
Best person to possess: Jesus.
Best gift: Eternal life.
Best thing to possess: The love of God.
Best life to live: A life with God in it.
Best place to be: The will of God.
Best activity: Serving God. That will often include serving others.
Best thoughts: Thoughts about God.
Best things to speak: Things about God.
Best thing to read: God*s word.
Best joy: The joy of the Lord.
Best peace: Peace with God.
Best memories: Things God has done.
Best wisdom: The wisdom of God.
Best guidance: The guidance of God.
Best offering: Your time.
Best habits: Prayer and worship.
Best prayer: Thy will be done.
Best worship: Surrender.
Best surrender: Yourself.

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