Commitment Quotes

Vance Havner:

Salvation is not a cafeteria where you take what you want and leave the rest. You cannot take Christ as Saviour and refuse Him as Lord and be saved.

Hudson Taylor:

Well do I remember as I put myself, my life, my friends, my all upon the altar, the deep solemnity that came over my soul with the assurance that my offering was accepted. The presence of God became unutterably real and blessed, and I remember stretching myself on the ground and lying there before Him with unspeakable awe and unspeakable joy. For what service I was accepted I knew not, but a deep consciousness that I was not my own took possession of me which has never since been effaced.

Walter L. Moore:

A mother warned her son, who was entering the Air Corps, *Son, fly low and slow.* It was foolish advice. Aviation requires speed and altitude for safety. There must be complete renunciation of the earth for the sky, or tragedy may result. Just so, the Christian life requires a clean break with earthbound thinking, and a complete committal to that which is heavenly. Life is an unproductive affair for many Christians because they are clinging too close to shore; they have not launched *out into the deep* at the word of the Master.

Frederick Buechner:

Inspection stickers used to have printed on the back *Drive carefully . . . the life you save may be your own.* That is the wisdom of men in a nutshell. What God says, on the other hand, is *The life you save is the life you lose.* In other words, the life you clutch, hoard, guard, and play safe with is in the end a life worth little to anybody, including yourself; and only a life given away for love*s sake is a life worth living. To bring his point home, God shows us a man who gave his life away to the extent of dying a national disgrace without a penny in the bank or a friend to his name. In terms of men*s wisdom, he was a perfect fool, and anybody who thinks he can follow him without making something like the same kind of fool of himself is laboring under not a cross but a delusion.

Lloyd John Ogilvie:

In the parables of the treasure and the pearl in Matthew 13 Jesus explained to those who believed in Him, the surpassing value of the Kingdom and the way to enter into the full joy of the reign and rule of God in their lives.

Lloyd John Ogilvie quoting God:

*Until you want what I want for you, you will be troubled in your views and your desires; easily displeased with yourself and others and out of harmony with me and yourself; full of reservation and distrust. If you give your heart totally to me, you will find peace and true contentment.* If we accept His offer, soon we will know what we want and want what we know. Our purpose will be to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.

Lloyd John Ogilvie:

Is there the possibility that we want our relationship with Him on our own terms? . . . God will bypass people who equivocate. . . . Our excuses echo in our souls. We have been confronted by the graciousness and severity of God. . . . Why do we trifle with the Almighty God?

Lloyd John Ogilvie:

We can try to use the Master and His power to fulfill our desires and plans for the people we love and still give Him the one place He will not accept: second place.


We are not free from the worldliness which puts self first and God nowhere.

M. R. DeHaan:

Note well the order of events: we give ourselves and what we have to Him; He takes the little and increases it; then we take it to others and are enriched ourselves beyond all imagination. It is not what we have but what we surrender to Him that counts. We can never give this poor old starving world a thing until we have first given ourselves to God.

Unknown: Whatever part of our life is not given to the Lord is wasted.

Wil R. Rice on Genesis 22:1: And it came to pass after these things, that God did tempt Abraham, and said unto him, Abraham: and he said, Behold, here I am. And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah: and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.

He Wants You

We all know this story: the heart-wrenching command of God to Abraham to sacrifice his son; then Abraham*s obedient surrender to God*s command. Abraham never did actually sacrifice his cherished son, but he was prepared to do so. Do you think God ever intended to take Isaac as a sacrifice? No, not at all. We know this because verse 1 tells us that God *did tempt* Abraham.

The use of the word tempt here does not mean to entice to do wrong. James 1 tells us that God never tempts people to sin. Here the word tempt means *to test*. God*s intention when he commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac was to test Abraham*s faith. He was testing Abraham*s faith, not for His own benefit (God already knew), but for Abraham*s benefit to know the depth of his own faith in God.

We can only imagine the pain that Abraham must have felt, but the Scriptures tell us that he rose up early in the morning to obey God*s command. We know that Abraham*s obedience was confident obedience. He was confident in the character of God. He was confident that somehow God would make a way for his son to live again.

Hebrews 11:19 says of Abraham*s obedience, *Accounting that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead....* He thought that God would allow Isaac to be sacrificed, but that He would raise him from the dead.

From the story, we know that God*s plan was even better than what Abraham thought. But the fact is, Abraham trusted God to make a way, and he simply obeyed what God told him to do. His confident obedience was displayed again when he responded to Isaac*s question about the lamb, saying, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering. This simple statement is one of the most epic, prophetic statements in the Scriptures. What a beautiful picture of God*s provision, not only for Abraham, but also for the whole world through Jesus Christ!

Did God really want Isaac in this story? No, it is clear who God really wanted. It was Abraham himself! Whatever the Lord asks any of us to give to Him is His to begin with! He made everything. He owns it all.

He doesn*t desire our *stuff.* it already belongs to Him. He wants us! In this story out of Abraham*s life, the one that benefited most was Abraham. When he chose to give up his most prized possession, he was giving himself totally to the Lord. He gained more than he could have dreamed.

There will be days when we are tested by God to surrender something that we prize. It may be big or small, and we may feel like saying, Lord, haven*t I already given enough? But remember, when the Lord asks for something, He is really asking for your heart! God doesn*t want your things. He wants you!

Learn from Abraham. Trust God, trust His way, and surrender it all. You will see in the end that it was all for your good!

Allan Redpath:

Lord of every thought and action,
Lord to send and Lord to stay,
Lord in speaking, writing, giving,
Lord in all things to obey.
Lord of all there is of me.
Now and evermore to be.

Peter Marshall:

Won*t you close your eyes now, and with all the faith you have, even though it be very little, tell Him that you believe?

Tell Him that you want Him to guide your life and to keep it.

For if you let Him take control of your life, completely, if you are willing to bow to His will for you, then you will enter into that transforming relationship which brings with it that glorious exhilaration, that indescribable peace, and escape from all bondage promised in the New Testament.

Then you will never doubt again that fellowship with this living Lord is possible, but you will discover that it is the most glorious fact in our whole world.

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