The Cure For Loneliness

The long-term cure for loneliness is to enter into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ by inviting Him into your heart and life and never again excluding Him.

The short-term cure for loneliness is to find someone to do something for. The loneliest people are those who serve self. The individuals with the most friends are those who serve others the most. If you serve yourself, no one will need you or want you. They will learn that they cannot depend upon you and therefore they will not depend upon you. Everyone knows that they do not need selfish people in their lives.

I know some loners who are so averse to serving others that they arrange their lives to be alone as much as possible. It is not a misspelling to call them losers. They enjoy their own company more than that of others. They see nothing wrong with their self-centeredness. They are proud of their independence. The only people they want around are people that would serve them. Hell is overcrowded with people serving no one. In Hell people won*t even be able to serve themselves. Those who are addicted to solitude are morally and spiritually bankrupt. They do not want the cure for loneliness. They do not even know that they need it. We were created with a built-in need to serve others. That need will never be satisfied in Hell. If we are not serving others there is a hole in our soul that cannot be filled in any other way. There is no satisfaction in serving self to compare with that of serving others.

Interesting that the cure for loneliness fits exactly with what God wants us to do. He wants us to love and serve our families, neighbors, strangers, enemies, Christians, unbelievers, just about everybody. If you are lonely, you are serving no one but yourself. If you are busily serving God and others, you will have an abundance of friends, perhaps more than you want. That is a far better problem to have than loneliness. Your company will always be welcome to those that you are serving.

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