Dear Readers

I want you to have the best Bible teaching you can have. The articles I write are topical. I often deal with just one topic (issue) or just one side of one topic. Many of the articles I write are more suitable for just one people group, new believers, mature believers, believers who are straying or unbelievers. My articles may not always be relevant for your specific needs. You will find the expository messages my Pastor Kent McBay delivers at North Mesa Baptist church more complete, better balanced and more of a blessing. I would suggest that you put the church website among your favorites. Copy and paste this into your URL. www.northmesabc.com. Click on *media* and then video or audio messages. If you are a shut-in my Pastor*s messages will meet your needs far better than my articles. When I listen to longer messages, I often listen to them incrementally. I stop and restart the message or I make a note of the title of the message I am listening to and the time I have listened, such as the 15 minute mark, and then I return later to hear the rest of the message. And, of course, you ought to follow along in the Bible and study the Bible for yourself.

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