Do Not Skip The Chronicles

I have heard Christians refer to first and second Chronicles as boring. They have not read the Chronicles with the proper attitude. They are part of the Word of God. He has given me some thrilling truths in the books of the Chronicles. The delightful truths in the Chronicles stand out higher when you find them because they seem not to be packed so close together. One delightful passage is a Psalm of David in 1 Chronicles 16:7-36. Read it for yourself and resolve to read the Chronicles with the right attitude.

You might even find delight in the varied and complex names in the books. We can learn a great deal by studying the meanings of the names. For instance the name Chenaniah in 1 Chronicles 15:22 means Jah (Jehovah) has planted. What a wonderful name to give your son. I would suggest it would be a better middle name than a first name. He might just use the initial until he becomes saved and wants to give a testimony. I would not mind in the least if you called me Jehovah has planted or Chenaniah. God has planted me and He has planted through me.

Even the names in the Bible are informative. You can find hundreds of names like Chenaniah whose meanings are blessings. I am glad that I do not have to learn to spell or pronounce all of them. And I am glad that some of them are not my middle name. If you gave your children those names, they would certainly be unique.

I may be a little more fortunate than you in that I have a computer program called Power Bible CD. You can buy it for $7 online and install it in your computer in about 5 minutes. With a couple of clicks I can bring up the definition of most any name or word in the Bible. When I do that, multiple blessings of the books of the Chronicles are packed into almost every verse. The goodness and wonder of God can be found everywhere in the Bible.

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