Do You Know The Lord

Receiving Christ is not adding an accessory; it is becoming altogether new.

It is not just receiving a Saviour; it is receiving a Lord.
It is not just receiving a servant; it is becoming one.
He is not a detour; He is the main road.
He is not an inconvenience; He is the goal.
He is not a plaything; He is God.
He lives in us but He is not limited by that.
He is not a bystander to our lives; He is an active participant.
He is not a bench-warmer; He is the coach.
He is not a Genie; He is The Master.
He is not just a nicety; He is the only source of good.
He is not sitting on a cloud; He is involved in His Creation.
He is not a sleep-eyed eccentric; He knows everything.
He does not make suggestions; He gives commands.
He is not an accident; He is the supreme planner.
He is not just to be for us; We are to be for Him.
He is not just a convenience; He is the Commander In Chief.
He is not an add-on; He is The Essence.
He is not a problem; He is THE Solution.
He is not just an external influence; He is an Internal Compass.
Sin is the captor; Christ is the Liberator.
He is not a jail; He is Freedom.
He is not the unbeliever*s Saviour; He is their Judge.
He is not the Christian*s Judge; He is their Saviour.
He cannot be found; He finds us.
He is unchangeable; He must be accepted as He is.
He has miraculous power.
He is our sufficiency.
He is all-sufficient.
He specializes in things thought impossible.
He is an Awesome God.
He has amazing grace.
He gives amazing grace.
He is wise beyond our understanding.
His love has no limits and no boundary known unto men.
Great is His faithfulness.
He is not a part-time God.
He is not a little God.
He is not limited by our limited minds.

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