Double Involvement

Luke 10:36 Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves?

Read Luke 10:1-37.

Involvement with God and His work and with people and their needs are essential ingredients in walking with the King. It’s not particularly scriptural, or helpful, to pray, “O, Lord, send the sinners in that they may become converted.” Yet I’ve heard that prayer many times, as I suppose you have. The Lord Jesus sent His disciples out. That is the scriptural way. Go out and get them. Go out and reach them. Go out and win them. Go out and teach them. Go out and love them. What this means is that you and I should be found sharing the Gospel out where people are.

Yes, involvement with God means to get out where people are with the message of our blessed Lord. It also means meeting people’s needs. To a man who asked, “Who is my neighbor?” our Lord Jesus told a story about two “religious” people who had bypassed their obligations—for a variety of “reasons.” In today’s jargon, one of the men may have been going to a citywide evangelistic meeting. The other had a special seminar to attend. Each one had his particular alibi, but when the Samaritan came and saw this poor, wretched person lying wounded and robbed on the roadside, he had compassion on him. And he went to him, bandaged his wounds, put him on his own mount, brought him to an inn, and took care of him.

Small thought here. To be involved with people interrupted this man’s schedule, made a pedestrian of him, robbed him of a night’s sleep, cost him money, and put him in debt. This may well happen to you and to me if we get serious about meeting the needs of people.

This devotional was written by Dr. Robert A. Cook. You can subscribe to his free email articles and listen to his Spirit-filled 15-minute messages at www.walkwiththeking.org. Used with written permission.

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