Exceptional Biblical Teaching

It is important to me and to the Lord that each and every Christian regularly attend the local church that the Lord leads him to. It would be a sin for any Christian to go to any website as a substitute for the church the Lord wants him or her to be a part of. But Biblical websites are wonderful supplemental resources.

Hebrews 10:25a: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, . . .

For Christians who may not have exceptional Bible teaching I want to make some available. North Mesa Baptist Church is the church that I am a member of and attend. I am excited about the church and the Pastor and they are a great blessing to me. My Pastor Kent McBay is an exceptionally Biblical preacher and teacher. I sometimes write and teach Bible studies that I consider clinkers, not very helpful spiritually. I have had to rewrite many of them as I grow in the Lord. In the ten plus years that I have been attending North Mesa Baptist, I have never heard Pastor McBay deliver a clinker. For Christians who may want to hear the Bible taught oftener than they can in the church where they are a member I would suggest that they visit the North Mesa Baptist Church website. It would be a wonderful supplement for you.

For shut-in Christians with a computer the North Mesa Baptist audio and video messages would be a great blessing. For those who do not attend a Biblical church faithfully, you are shooting yourself in the foot spiritually. You can sample the Bible preaching and teaching of a Biblical church on the website. I believe that visiting the website might motivate you to find the church the Lord has for you and attend it regularly.

To go to the website type or copy and paste www.northmesabc.com into your URL. Click on Media to find Pastor McBay*s audio and video messages.

As far as can be ascertained, none of the locations in the website that say contact Ron will work, however, you may contact him with questions, comments or prayer requests via email at ronsbibletopics@yahoo.com.

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