Full-Time Children Of God

Many Christians believe that they can be part-time Christians. They sometimes believe that only certain people are called to full-time ministry. I believe that Christians who minimize their commitment to Christ are the least fulfilled Christians.

I am a full-time son of my earthly father. I cannot be his son when I feel like it and not be his son when I don*t feel like it. I am also a full-time son of my Heavenly Father. I am not a part-time son of His either. Being a child of God should have a greater impact on me and my life than anything else ALL THE TIME.

Since I have been given the privilege of being a full-time child of God, I should also be a full-time servant of God, even if I have not been called into a full-time ministry. Becoming what a full time child of God should become is a growth process. When I received Jesus I gave Him my whole heart. I didn*t hold anything back, but I didn*t immediately give Him my whole life.

I received Jesus while listening to Christian radio, which I was permitted to do on the menial the job I had. Not long after I received Him I felt a need to give Him more of my life. When I went on a coffee break I walked to the door of the plant where I worked, put my hand on the door handle and asked the Lord: Do you want me to walk out this door and go into full-time ministry? I sensed a definite instruction to go back to work. I obeyed.

Since He has prepared me for it He has gradually moved into more and more areas of my life. He gives me more and more opportunities to serve Him. I am more committed to Him. I have learned that the more of my life He occupies the more excited, happy and fulfilled I am. We all have to start small.

Luke 19:17: And he said unto him, Well, thou good servant: because thou hast been faithful in a very little, have thou authority over ten cities.

My dear friends . . . I encourage you . . . NEVER refuse to do what He wants you to do. I have learned that refusing Him leads to emptiness and misery. It can be described as a hollow feeling. I hate that feeling. Obeying Him leads to joy, peace and fulfillment.

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