Give The Lord The Best Time Of Your Day

Author unknown:

When you give God your best He elevates your worst and your mediocrity.

Romans 13:11b: . . . now it is high time to awake out of sleep: . . .

Thomas Champness:

I have heard of a painter who loved to work by the morning light. He said that the colors were better understood by the light of the early day, and so he was wont to be in his studio waiting for the rising of the sun. Then every moment it grew lighter, and he found he could accomplish things which he could not reach if he waited till the day had advanced.

Is there not work waiting for us . . . work that no one else can do . . . work, too, that the Master has promised to help us perform? Shall He come and find that we still sleep? Or shall the Sun of Righteousness, when He appears, find us waiting, as that painter waited, looking and longing for the first gleam of the day? Surely those of us who thus wait on the Lord shall renew our strength, and eagle-like, rise to greet the Sun.

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