God Is Worth Everything!

God is infinite. That means we cannot measure Him. His value is also infinite and therefore cannot be measured. When we don*t believe that one simple fact we cannot properly worship Him. The ultimate wisdom is acting on that simple fact alone. Believing that God has little or no value is the chief problem of mankind. Most people know nothing of His value and live as if He is worth nothing. Not believing that God is worth everything is woefully inaccurate and is an insult to Him. All sin is connected to the fact that people do not value God sufficiently. Each individual*s value is directly proportionate to how much he values God. We ought to know Him and His value to the very best of our ability. No human being can fully know or adequately express the value of God. Please forgive my feeble attempt at it.

He is worth being in all of our thoughts. How many of our thoughts is He in?
He is worth all of our lives. How much of them does he have?
He is worth all of our hearts. How much of them does He have?
He is worth all of our time. How much of it does He have?
He is worth all of our love. How much of that are we giving Him?
He is worth all of our service. How much are we serving Him?
He is worth all of Creation. Do we at least give Him the little bit of clay that we are?
He is worth putting our faith in. How completely do we do that?
He is worth total obedience. How obedient are we?
He is worth our total commitment. How fully are we committed to Him?

Needless to say, He is a treasure and a luxury we cannot afford. It is amazing beyond expression that He freely gave Himself for us and wants to freely give Himself to us forever. The more of ourselves and our lives we give to Him the more of Him we get. The more we withhold from Him the more we short-change ourselves.

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