Gospel Tracts

Mark 16:15: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

If you are a Christian, you should be passing out plenty of gospel tracts. But you shouldn*t just be passing them out. You should be asking the Lord to guide you to people He wants to save and bless. You should pray for them before you meet them. You should pray that the Word of God in the gospel tract will make a difference to them. You should pray for them after you give them the gospel tract.

Even if you don*t know how to share the gospel, you can smile at someone and give them the gospel in print. If someone refuses to accept a gospel tract, you have someone to pray for that most certainly needs someone to pray for them. There may be no one else praying for them. Some will accept the gospel tract joyfully and share with you that they are already a Christian. They will often thank you for what you are doing. You have a new friend. You have a moment of fellowship. Pray for them too. Passing out gospel tracts is a wonderful way to find people to pray for and even know how to pray for them, to know if they are saved or lost.

If you don*t have the courage to pass out gospel tracts, you can leave them in plenty of conspicuous places where people will find them. Waiting rooms, Gideon Bibles, front porches and grocery store shelves to name a few. My Pastor sometimes jokingly says that if you are afraid to do it, you can just put a tract on someone*s front porch and run. But giving people a gospel tract is a good way to meet people and a testimony about what you believe. It can open the door for a deeper conversation about spiritual matters.

If you attend a church that does not provide gospel tracts for you to distribute, you are in the wrong church. If you absolutely cannot find a church that provides them you can get them in a Bible bookstore or online. I Googled gospel tracts and 20 websites appeared where you could get them for pennies each or even free.

If you have no concern that there are thousands of lost people around you, you are probably not a Christian at all. You need to find a church that has a Tract Rack and ask the Pastor or someone there to share the gospel with YOU.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon:

Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you*re not saved yourself, be sure of that!

Having a tract rack is a good measure of a Biblical church with a burden for lost souls. I would not attend a church that does not have one. If you are a Christian and see no reason to pray for the lost people you encounter or share the gospel with them or at least give them a gospel tract, you are not right with God.

I want to reemphasize the importance of praying for people and getting the power of Almighty God involved in their needs. And praying for people will sometimes make you willing to be God*s representative to them.

You can also learn from other Christians how to pass out tracts. Seek them out and have them tell you or show you how they do it. Ask God to help you and He will make a way and He will make it a blessing.

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