How To Pray

Ole Hallesby:

Prayer and helplessness are inseparable. Only those who are helpless can truly pray. . . . Your helplessness is your best prayer.

Anne Cetus:

We can do helplessness quite well.

Our Daily Bread:

Prayer is the child*s helpless cry to the Father*s attentive ear.


Lord help me to pray not as an exercise of my will, but a surrender to Yours.

Isaiah 40:31a: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; . . .

Archbishop Trench:

Lord, what a change within us one short hour
Spent in Thy presence will prevail to make!
What heavy burdens from our bosoms take!
What parched grounds refresh as with a shower!
We kneel . . . and all around us seems to lower,
We rise . . . and all the distant and the near
Stand forth in sunny outline, brave and clear.
We kneel . . . how weak: we rise . . . how full of power,

Why, therefore, should we do ourselves this wrong
Or others . . . that we are not always strong;
That we are ever overborne with care;
That we should ever weak or heartless be,
Anxious or troubled, while with us is prayer,
And joy and strength and courage are with Thee?

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