How To Witness To Muslims 7

You might find useful some insights from a recent seminar I attended on witnessing to Muslims. They simply need Jesus Christ just like the rest of us.

There are 5 books Muslims consider Holy, the Bible, the Tawrat, the Zabor, the Injil and the Coran. However they don*t use the Bible because they believe the current translations have been perverted. They believe the original texts have disappeared.

They believe in one God, Allah. They equate the Semitic word for God (Ilah) with the Hebrew word (Eloh) and the Syriac word (Alaha) and the Arabic word (Allah).

They believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, but that He was a created being. They believe he ascended to heaven before the crucifixion. They don*t believe that Jesus personally died, but rather they believe that a substitute was made to look like Jesus and died in His place, possibly Judas. They do believe Jesus will come again and when He does he will be a Muslim. They respect Jesus. Simply quoting John 14:6 might be fruitful.

John 14:6: Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

They believe that Abraham was a friend of God and that Moses spoke for God. They believe that Mohamed was peaceful.

They don*t and won*t accurately translate the Coran. They believe that it was modified and that the more recent parts supercede the earlier parts, rather than believing that it contradicts itself.

They claim faith only in Allah but in practice have greater faith in Mohamed. If you say something negative about Allah they won*t be as upset as if you say something negative about Muhamed. They believe Allah is capricious. They believe that His mercy is a reward given according to His whims. They believe that His grace is generous but also given according to His whims. They believe He can change His mind. They believe that all men are slaves to Allah. They plead. He decides. They believe that Allah is so great that He can break His word. They believe he can be angry or not according to His whims. They believe that He is unpredictable.

There are 5 pillars to their faith.

One. They believe there is one God, Allah. If you say that 3 times in Arabic it means that you have become a Muslim. It is their statement of faith. They are able to copy Christianity in many areas but they are not able to counterfeit the love of God, agape.

Two. They pray 5 times a day toward the Kaaba. (House of God) There is a stone in that building that they believe was white and turned black when sin began. Mohamed was associated with Jews a great deal. They prayed toward Jerusalem. In order to distinguish his followers from the Jews, he had his followers pray toward Mecca (the Kaaba). Those who continued to pray toward Jerusalem were killed. Mohamed was first for the Jews and then against them.

Three. Giving of alms.

Four. Daytime fasting 30 days a year. They believe that one night-time prayer during the 30 days will be answered. They don*t know which prayer.

Five. Pilgrimage to Mecca if you are able and if you can afford it.

They believe a Muslim must repent for forgiveness. They never know if they have been forgiven or not. Good works are necessary for forgiveness but have a changeable value. Sometimes they result in forgiveness and sometimes they don*t. Great good works might be less effectual than small good works.

When the speaker began reaching out to Muslims decades ago, there were very few conversions but during the time of his ministry there have been so many thousands of conversions that Muslims aren*t able to kill them all.

In witnessing to Muslims the speaker was willing to let them have the last word. Many times that gave him a future open door. Only the Bible and the Holy Spirit can convert them.

Many times one verse or one phrase from the Bible, whether from the Old Testament or the New Testament, has started individual Muslims thinking and brought them to Christ. Almost as if those verses and phrases haunted them and caused them to seek the complete truth, which of course, is only found in Christ. Since they believe there are errors in the Bible they sometimes read it to prove it wrong and then discover that it isn*t. Sometimes it awakens hungers in them that are not satisfied by Islam. Sometimes they find things in the Bible that are unmistakably superior to and more desirable than what they believe.

Romans 10:17: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

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