If You Share The Gospel

If you have faith to believe that God can save others as he saved you, you will be prepared for Him to save some of them as you share the gospel with them.

When you share the gospel with individuals who then receive Jesus, you are responsible for them much like parents are responsible for their children. Parents try to protect their children from harm, care for them and teach them to eventually care for themselves and for others. A wise parent will set a good example for his children, pray for them and desire them to be in the will, protection and blessing of God. We ought to be examples for new believers by studying the Bible, praying, attending a Biblical church regularly, serving others and living by faith. Caring for them should include feeding them as much spiritual food as they will accept. The Bible is the spiritual food that they need to grow spiritually.

1 Peter 2:2: As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

I would suggest that you ask the Lord what particular truths from the Bible you ought to share with new Christians and prepare to do that. You might share things that you write or that others write. You are welcome to provide to them articles that I have written. I have a list of Bible studies that I believe are helpful to new believers that appear in my website. www.bibletopicsandquestions.com. You will need to retype or copy and paste it into your URL. The articles: I Have Received Jesus So What Does That Mean?, Security Of The Believer, Kept By The Power Of God, Love Meets Needs, Devotions Are Vital, a series of articles on You Need The Bible and a series of articles on Benefits Of Church Attendance.

We want the Lord to give them an appetite for the Bible. I often keep track of the studies I have provided to each new believer. When they have questions is the best time to give them the Bible answers. They might remember the answers to their own questions better than other Biblical truth you give them.

Since I minister in nursing homes, I meet a lot of folk with vision problems. I have a chart that I can show them to determine the smallest font size of type they can read. Then I can provide Bible studies to them in that size. You are welcome to go to the website and copy and paste and print any articles that you would like to provide to your new brothers and sisters in Christ. You can also print them in larger or smaller fonts as needed. You are welcome to refer those with computers to the website as well. And of course the website is not a sufficient substitute for personal Bible study, in-person Bible teachers, watching the lives of good Christian examples and regular church attendance.

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