Leaving God In The Parking Lot

The last few years before I retired the Lord taught me to live for Him more openly than before. He gave me many opportunities to be a blessing to others. There were some co-workers that wanted me to shush about the Lord. I don*t remember his exact words but one said something like this: You should leave your religion at the door when you come to work.

The question I wanted to ask him was: If you leave your God in the parking lot, what will happen to you if you die in the workplace? If we have Jesus in our hearts we cannot leave Him in the parking lot.

There were others that tried to discourage me from speaking about Jesus. One woman that I attempted to lead to Christ after work was very firm in her rejection of Him. She told me that her religion was none of my business. Not long after that she saw me giving a Bible study to another co-worker and told my supervisor about it. My supervisor told me that he didn*t want to hear any more of those complaints. He didn*t care what I said to anyone as long as my work was done and no one complained about me. Within a short time that woman was fired. Later I learned that she caused problems for just about everyone, her co-workers, her own supervisors, union representatives and her family. She had no friends. Although I don*t remember her name I still pray for her sometimes. I would appreciate it if you would take a moment and pray for her too. Her firing confirmed for me that nothing and no one can keep us from fulfilling God*s will in our lives.

If we are lazy, unproductive and don*t earn our wages no one will want anything to do with our God except people who are lazy, unproductive and don*t want to earn their wages. They might want a god like that but a god like would not be the true God. We should perform above the expectations of our supervisors and, if possible, outperform our co-workers. We should remember that we are not just working for our supervisors, we are working for the Lord.

Colossians 3:23: And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

If we do a lousy job for our supervisors we will do a lousy job for the Lord. I occasionally had the thought that the Lord gave me the secular job so I could do the spiritual job. Sometimes the spiritual job was intermingled with the secular job and sometimes it was outside of the secular job.

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