Loyalty To God

Every automobile that my father ever owned was a Ford. Those Fords were practical and dependable. They served him well. He knew of some difficulties people had with other makes of cars. He was intensely loyal to the Fords and wary of other cars.

He had a Model A Ford from about 1925 until 1935. I don*t know if he had one or two of them. He and his brother Albert owned one in partnership. Then he had one of his own. I don*t know if he bought his brother*s half of the same one or if he bought a second one that was his own. He bought a 1935 Ford, the only new car that he ever bought. He drove it for 17 years and my oldest brother drove it for two or three years after that. In 1952 Dad bought a 1949 Ford. He drove that until about 1958 when I wrecked it. My brothers teased me that I wrecked it on purpose so Dad would have to get a newer one. Then he bought a 1955. I don*t know how long he drove that one. It was a beautiful two-tone green and I felt bad when he traded it for a 1966. He drove the 1966 until he lost his eyesight in about 1975. Shortly after he bought the 1966 he bought a Ford pickup. He had the car and the pickup for a few years. Those six or seven Fords lasted him 50 years, all of his driving life. He probably would have needed one less if I had not wrecked one of them.

God has been good to me. I am ashamed to admit that I have not always been loyal to Him. If I could only be as loyal to God as my father was to Ford and as wary of Satan as my father was of other cars I would have a lot less problems. By the way, my Dad received Christ in the 1930s.

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