Make Time For God

This is THE most important issue of our lives. If He is important to us we will make time for Him. If He is unimportant to us we will not. When we have received Jesus our eternity is locked in. But when we receive Him a battle begins with God on one side and the world, the flesh and the Devil on the other. The battle is for our time. That battle rages every moment of every day. We must decide how much time we make for God and how much time we waste. Making time for Him is a commitment. It is a commitment of a precious and unrenewable commodity. Once time has been wasted it is gone forever. If we do not make time for Him, we have given Him nothing. Making time for Him is an element of worship. It proves that we believe He is worth it.

Psalms 31:15a: My times are in thy hand: . . .

I do not believe this prayer of David was merely a statement of fact, it was a commitment.

1 Thessalonians 5:16 Rejoice evermore. 17 Pray without ceasing. 18 In every thing give thanks: 23a And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; . . .

Wholly means completely and all the time. God makes time for us evermore, without ceasing and in all things. He wants to hear from us always. Else those commands would be meaningless. The president of the United States is not capable of giving even one moment to each citizen of our nation. But God Almighty is capable of giving us His attention 24/7 for life and forever. He gives all of His children full attention, millions and even billions of us. Think about that. The time we have withheld from Him has been a wasteland and will always be. Do we want to be blessed always or just sometimes?

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