Miracles 2

Psalms 139:14: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Mark 12:11: This was the Lord*s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?

While the statements in the Mark 12:11 passage only appear in one context, everything is the Lord*s doing and everything He does ought to be marvelous in our eyes. I believe the passage would be in context everywhere and at all times.

Our bodies are a multitude of miracles. Our bodies perform hundreds of different tasks every day that are amazing. On average they perform them for upwards of 70 years. An even greater miracle is coming. When Christ returns He is going to give us bodies that will do more amazing things, do them more perfectly and do them forever. What a Great God!

We take for granted what God does in creating our bodies in the womb. That process is a series of miracles that all happen in perfect coordination with each other. The simultaneous development and growth of our brain, skin, muscles, bones, digestive system, heart, lungs, circulatory system and nervous system in nine short months (or less) is miraculous. Those things happen because of the miraculous combination of one egg and one sperm which are miracles in themselves. What a Great God!

Our lungs take nourishing oxygen out of the air we breath and expel poisonous carbon dioxide gas. How do they know to do that? Our lungs and heart combine to put the oxygen into our blood and pump it all around to every part of our bodies. Our kidneys filter out other poisons from our bodies that are expelled through our intestines and bladder. Our skin keeps impurities out and necessary things in. When we perspire other poisons are expelled through the pores in our skin. What a Great God!

Digestion begins in our mouth, continues in the stomach and on into the intestines. Elements and molecules that we need are separated out of whatever we eat and elements we don*t need are passed on through. The process works in spite of phenomenal variations in the foods we eat. The acids and chemicals our bodies use in that process would destroy most other parts of our bodies. Somehow the harmful chemicals are kept in balance and kept in the digestive system. What a Great God!

The variations of the tissues in our bodies are wonderfully diverse. We have bone cells, skin cells, muscle cells, brain cells, heart cells, artery cells, stomach cells, nerve cells and on and on. God programmed all these things into something called DNA that was somehow activated when the egg and sperm united. It was all planned and executed by God. One has to be a fool to believe in evolution. What a Great God!

Psalms 14:1: The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

Our senses are all miracles. We have discussed our sense of sight in another study. Our sense of touch is amazing. God put sensitive nerves into our skin that can sense heat, cold and pressure. Those nerves send signals to the brain and receive them back in an instant. The teamwork between the sensory nerves in the hands and our brains can combine to know how much a basketball weighs and tell the muscles just how hard to work to toss a basketball three feet or 20 feet with amazing accuracy. And don*t forget about the eyes telling our brain how far away the basket is. The nerves in the skin, the brain, the eyes, the muscles in the legs, back, arms, hands and the whole body work together to get it done. I will admit that system works better for professional basketball players than it does for me. God gives all of us slightly different abilities in those respects. What a Great God!

The sense of hearing is a miracle. Most energy is transmitted through solid materials like electricity being transmitted through wire. Sound travels better through water than through air. We can actually feel loud noises through the bones of our skull and sometimes by touching solid objects. The fact that sound waves can travel through something as light as air is a miracle. Even though the energy of sound waves traveling through the air is tiny compared with other conductors of energy, our ears can pick it up and distinguish between a myriad of different sounds. They can distinguish louder and softer sounds. They can even detect the direction the sounds come from to a great degree. I have noticed that with my hearing aids I can often hear things but I cannot detect the direction the sounds are coming from. Man has been unable to reproduce the system of directional detection God has put in our ears. The sound waves flow into the cave-like shapes of our ears and hit some of the tiny hairs in our ears when coming from a certain direction. They hit different tiny hairs when they come from a different direction. Our brain then figures out where the sound came from. What a Great God!

The sense of smell is a miracle. Sensors in our nose can detect a great variety of different smells. They do that even though they might have access to only a couple of molecules of the stuff smelled. Just a little draft or a breeze can put the molecules into the nose where we become aware of the smell of them. Sometimes we are uncomfortably aware of them. Ever smell a skunk? Sometimes the smells bring enjoyment. It is said that without our sense of smell our sense of taste would not function as well. The smell of a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie (fill in your own favorite) can set our mouths to watering. A sniff of smoke can send a cook scurrying to turn off the fire under a too-well-done food. What a Great God!

Our sense of taste is a miracle. I understand we have over two thousand taste buds when we are young and they gradually die off as we age. I thank the Lord that He gives me enjoyment of many of the foods I eat even though I am well past middle age. One tycoon of the last century lost his ability to taste food and therefore much of his appetite. He was fed mere spoonfuls at a time just to keep him alive. I don*t know what sins he committed that would cause God to take that enjoyment away from him. The farther people get from the will of God the more likely it is they will lose all ability to enjoy anything. The nearer people get to the will of God the more ability He gives to enjoy.

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