Miracles 5

Music is a miracle. Each musical note is established by producing a certain number of vibrations per second. Higher notes have more vibrations and lower notes have fewer vibrations. Most people have voice boxes that can be caused to produce many different numbers of vibrations per second. Our ears can hear how many vibrations are happening and our brains can adjust the frequency of the vibrations in the voice box to produce the notes we want to sing. It all happens in less than seconds. When sources create two or more different notes that blend together beautiful harmony can occur. Different musical instruments produce a great variety of tones. We all have the capability to enjoy the beautiful blending of tones and notes. Many have the capability of putting those beautiful tones and notes into orderly and beautiful rhythms. Music can provide a beautiful setting for a message from God, to God or about God. The worship of God is the highest function of music.

The most beautiful music is spiritual. The ugliest music is carnal and sinful. Interestingly, the mechanical sounds of sinful music are often just as ugly as its message. The mechanical sounds of spiritual music are more enjoyable to our ears. An unsaved person can sometimes produce music that is mechanically beautiful but he cannot produce the most beautiful music. His music may always be a disappointment to a believer. The most beautiful music speaks a godly message to the heart. Music can touch a person for evil or for good like nothing else can. What a Great God!

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