My Prayer For You

Psalms 119:165: Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

My prayer for my readers is much the same as my prayer for myself. I ask you to pray for me what I pray for you. I pray that the Bible will accomplish God*s will in our hearts and lives. I pray that He will give us a greater love and longing for it and that it will be our treasure. I pray that it will reprove us, correct us and improve us. I pray that it will speak to our hearts and hold our interest. I pray that it will give us great peace, joy and comfort. I pray that it will guide us, teach us, amaze us, stimulate us and surprise us. I pray that it will answer all of our important questions and that it will continually grow in importance to us. I pray that it will keep us from harmful spiritual mistakes, warn us, give us victory and reward us. I pray that it will cleanse our thoughts and keep sin from having dominion over us. I pray that it will make us a blessing to others and pleasing to the Lord. I pray that we will study it and meditate upon it often.

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