My Uncle Henry*s Last Letter

My Uncle Henry Hust gave his life for America during The Battle of The Bulge of World War II somewhere in Northeastern France. He had no idea that his testimony of faith in God might be read by hundreds via email and on this website. I would like to give as large a forum as I can to what he had to say. He was a wonderfully wise and sensitive young man.

I recently received a Xeroxed copy of a picture of the gravestone listing his name and the names of 11 other American soldiers buried near him in France. Some 19,000 American soldiers gave their lives during the Battle of The Bulge. I also received a copy of the last letter that he wrote to his family. I have vague memories of knowing about his sacrifice when I was a child but it never brought me to tears until after I became a Christian and after I received a copy of his letter. I believe the thoughts of a young man who knew he might enter eternity within weeks, days or hours will stir some hearts to make a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps I received the copy at exactly the time the Lord wanted me to share it. My Uncle*s Spirit-filled message is totally relevant even some 67 years after his death.

The copies were found by my sister among the memorabilia of my mother Julia who was the oldest of Henry*s siblings. You are welcome to forward this, copy it, quote from it or provide it to anyone who might need it or might be blessed by it. I think he would be pleased if you passed it along.

I doubt that I ever saw Uncle Henry or that he ever saw me. I was born in 1942 and he was killed in 1945 at the age of 26. Shortly after his mother, my grandmother, Christine learned of his death she suffered a massive stroke and died in April of 1945 at the age of 57. Though I don*t recall ever meeting him he has become my favorite Uncle. His testimony is the most precious legacy anyone could have left me. I look forward eagerly to meeting him in heaven.

His letter:

Northern France
Jan. 12, 1945
Dear Mother and Daddy:
Just a line or two to let you know that the Good Lord has kept me in the best of health so far. So therefore it makes me happy when I can look up at His face and say with joy that He is my Lord and Saviour and the only one. So let*s keep praying and maybe someday we can meet on the other side even if we don*t meet on this side any more. Tell all my friends and sisters to take Him for their leader and then follow Him all the way and not just half way because I myself made that big mistake. And I can say from the bottom of my heart that it is no good to lead that kind of life cause it don*t get no place. So I think the Leader that I have now is the best of them all cause He keeps me happy and also helps me out of trouble. As you know there is lots of imitations in this man*s army and if you have Him to follow you sure can*t go wrong unless you step out of line. We are doing that when we are not obeying His orders so let*s all keep on praying and see if we don*t win the war a lot sooner than if we just keep going our own way. Well news is getting short so I think I will close and say goodby and may God bless you and keep you til we meet again. So with all of my love to all of you back home this goodby once more from your sons Henry and Albert.

Albert was Henry*s younger brother and also my Uncle. I did not know that they had been in touch with one another there in Europe.

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