Not Knowing What God Is Doing

Proverbs 3:5: Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

We often fret because we don*t know exactly what God is doing. We should fret if we think we do know exactly what He is doing. In order to know exactly what He is doing we have to know everything that He knows. We do not. We would have to know His exact goals and have His precise foreknowledge. We do not.

Our jobs are to trust that He knows best and does best and to obey Him. We should rejoice that we have a God who knows best rather than fretting because we don*t know all that He knows. Not knowing all that He is doing should cause us to trust Him more.

Quotes from Evangelist Wil Rice*s devotional entitled Just Do It:

God*s plan is much bigger than your capacity to know it! God is a God of detail, and He knows the *big picture.*

God*s plan is far bigger than your part, but it includes your part. You may not know exactly how your part fits in to His plan, but that does not make your part unimportant. . . . When we are listening to and following God, there is confidence in the plan and provision God has!

I don*t know what your part is in God*s plan, but I do know that if you do what you should, you will have what you need. When you take the step you should take now, God will reveal the step you should take tomorrow. The Master has a master plan, and your partnership in His plan is important. Most of your questions are probably about details, but when God has clearly given you a part, in the words of a famous shoe maker *just do it!*

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