Plan For A Harvest

I have heard it said that when we pray for rain, if we have faith, we will carry an umbrella.

Whenever we share the gospel we should plan for a harvest. We should be prepared to help new-born Christians to grow. We should see to it that they have a Bible and encourage them to read it. We should encourage them to seek fellowship in a Bible-believing church. We should encourage them to read and hear sound Biblical teaching.

We should personally disciple them as much as possible. If you have been saved for any length of time, there should be some things about salvation that excite you that you learned about after you were saved. You should try to teach new Christians those same things. If you share things that don*t excite you, they will probably not excite them. You might type them out and make copies of them to provide to new believers.

There is an article entitled I have received Jesus . . . What Does That Mean? in this website. You are welcome to print that out, copy it and share it with new believers until you type out your own. You are welcome to combine any or all of my thoughts with yours.

I try to share that article with every new believer and sometimes with long-time Christians who don*t seem to be greatly blessed by being a Christian. I normally have gospels of John to give new believers so they can quickly begin reading the Bible. Sometimes I am able to provide them with the whole Bible. I prefer to provide them with those things immediately after they receive Christ. When I don*t have the articles or Bibles with me, I try get back to them with the materials as soon as possible.

I also try to visit them as soon and as often as possible after their profession of faith. The one who led them to Christ will be easier for them to speak to about their salvation than anyone else. They are likely to trust that one more than other Christians for a time. Speaking to that one will make it easier and more natural for them to speak of their salvation to others.

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