Pray Like Jack

1 Thessalonians 5:17: Pray without ceasing.

This article will also appear under the title: Make Prayer A Habit.

I forget things. I forget I am a Christian. I forget that I belong to God. I forget to pray. I forget more things as I get older but I think forgetting spiritual things happened just as much when I was younger. Satan is called the accuser of the brethren. I don*t think it would harm Bible truth in any way if we also called him the distractor of the brethren. I need reminders to pray. I need to make prayer a habit. I need to have specific times and places that I pray every day. I need to have circumstances in my life that always remind me to pray.

Jack was one of my first mentors. He had many reminders to pray. Prayer was a wonderful habit for him. Jack and I were members of the first Biblical church the Lord led me to after I was saved. Jack was always gracious. I was with him when he led people to the Lord. I often remember the first time that happened. We were visiting a young woman and her son who was about ten years old. As Jack shared the gospel with them the young woman could not take her eyes off him. He never seemed attractive to me until that occasion. As he was sharing the gospel he became handsome. It was as if the young woman fell in love with him. But by the time he finished she was in love with the Lord Jesus. He asked her if she would like to receive Jesus. She said she would. Then for the first time Jack spoke directly to the little fellow. He asked the boy if he would like to receive Jesus too. And he said yes. A mother a son were saved that evening.

I sang in a quartet with Jack. Every time we practiced, before we practiced he would say: Let*s have a word of prayer. I played golf with Jack a few times. On the first tee he would always say: Let*s have a word of prayer.I also played golf with his father a few times. You*ll never guess what his father said on the first tee: Let*s have a word of prayer.

Jack and his wife were headed for a divorce. His older sister was the first in the family to receive Jesus. One Sunday afternoon at a family get together she shared the gospel with Jack and his wife. They received Jesus at the same time. Jack and his sister tried to lead their father to the Lord. He was stubborn. Finally in disgust Jack simply gave his father a Bible and told him: *Read it.* He did begin reading the Bible and he got saved.

Jack*s mother helped in the nursing home ministry. She would invite people to the services and wheel them in. When the service started she would disappear. I learned later that while I was preaching she was going up and down the halls visiting the shut-ins and sharing the gospel with them. She once showed me a little notebook of hers. There were about 70 names in it. They were the names of the shut-ins that she led to the Lord there in the nursing home. She visited them over and over and loved and prayed for them.

I am not completely hopeless. Sometimes I remember to pray like Jack.

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