Satisfaction 3

Devotional material is taken from Today With The King, written by Robert A. Cook. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved. Used with written permission.

Psalms 107:5: Hungry and thirsty, their soul fainted in them. Read also Psalms 107:1-43.

One of my saddest observations is the constant effort among people of every rank to satisfy their longings with something less than the presence and provision of God. They may try alcohol, drugs, sex, or simply the pursuit of things, but none of these suffices. They may be chronic *joiners,* going from club to club; or *do-gooders,* working hard at a dozen projects; or inveterate travelers, intent on seeing the world. But all this activity is not enough. On the other hand, how marvelously sustaining and satisfying the grace of God is to anyone who is open to Him!

In my library is a book written by a journalist who followed the stories of people who experienced wartime brainwashing experiments. In a certain camp he noticed that those prisoners who came in strong and healthy but with *no special commitment* had great difficulty. Educated in a humanistic tradition that saw no need for God and His Word, they began to wither and die at an alarming rate. When the pressure of their situation bore down on them, they had no inner strength or will to live. But one frail and somewhat sickly soldier also entered that prison camp and survived. He had spiritual convictions based on the Word of God and declared unabashedly, *My God is as real to me as the back of my hand, and as near.* With a faith like that, he lived to tell the story!

Small thought here. Solomon sought satisfaction in money, culture, and pleasure of every sort. But at the end he said, *All is vanity.* The words of the old song are still true: *Only Jesus, only Jesus, only He can satisfy.*

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