Sliding Out Of The Will Of God

I remember as children we would sit on a waxed candy wrapper as we went down the already slippery slide in the park in my home town. That way we would go down faster and so would the children that followed. If several of us went down the slide sitting on candy wrappers we could really make that slide slippery.

There are many actions and attitudes that can subtly start us moving away from God, keep us moving away from Him or stop us from moving toward Him. They are like spiritual bacteria or viruses. They are sins that we don*t always recognize as sins. One of them often leads to more of them. They grease and accelerate our downward slide out of the will of God. They also speed up the slide of others away from the Lord. If we can learn to recognize them as sin we might be willing to avoid them. I will list here a few things that don*t move us into God*s will. I learned about many of them from brothers and sisters in the Lord at a midweek service of the church I attend.

Complaining, regrets, worry, evil thoughts, doubts, carelessness, pleasing people instead of God, busyness, presumption, focusing on past failures, pity parties, impatience, pride, apathy, inattention, secret sin, associations and ingratitude.

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