The Targets Of Our Anger

The targets of our anger can give clues about whether or not we are Christians.

Before I became a Christian I became angry when Christians would try to lead me to Christ. I was angry at something good. I was angry at righteousness. When a Christian tries to lead me to the Lord now, I don*t get angry any more. I am pleased that they are concerned about my eternal destiny. Their concern for me demonstrates their love for God and for someone that they believed was lost. When I tell them that I have already received Jesus we begin to share fellowship. We become friends in a moment.

When I try to lead others to the Lord, some of them become angry. I have not been aware that any who were already Christians have ever become angry with me. When they tell me that they have already received Jesus we begin to have fellowship.

Unbelievers often become angry at other righteous things, such as truth and love. I am a Christian. People have become angry because I am a Christian. I am pro-life. People have become angry because I am pro-life. I try to tell the truth. People have become angry when I have told them the truth. I try to show Godly love to people. People have become angry when I tried to show them love.

When we become Christians we begin to become angry at sin rather than at righteousness. I become angry at lies and liars. I become angry at theft and thieves. I become angry at hatred and haters. I become angry at those who reject Christ. We ought to hate the sin but love the sinners.

When a cult member tries to lead me into their cult I become angry. I become angry at sin. They are trying to lead me into their cult for sinful reasons. When people try to convince me that some truth in the Bible is not truth, I become angry. The most difficult people for me to love are those who reject Christ or truth or those who try to lead me away from Him. Sometimes it can be very difficult to hate the sin and love the sinners at the same time. It can be helpful to remember that as they are, I was and that God loved me in spite of my sin.

Romans 5:8: But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

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