Thank You For Praying For Mr M

Mr. M*s father made a profession of faith yesterday. His attitude was very different afterward. He was very open to every scripture that was shared with him. He was pleased to receive a Bible and some Bible studies. Please continue to pray for both of them, for spiritual growth as well as for physical health. They both have medical issues that could take their lives. Mr. M was pleased to learn that his father had also made a profession of faith. His father told me that his cancer surgery has already been done and seems to have been successful. This is the prayer request that I gave you:

Pray For Mr M

Pray for Mr. M and his father. Mr. M. received Jesus a few weeks ago. He has severe diabetes. His kidneys have shut down more than once and he has lost the vision in one eye. He is in constant pain and now has pneumonia. His father has a broken back and is battling cancer. They are in the same hospital and on the same floor. I wonder if that has been arranged because of Mr. M*s condition. I have not been told. Every time I visit him I wonder if I will see him alive again. Pray for salvation for his father.

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