The Most Loving Thing

For a long time I believed that the most loving thing I could do for others was to encourage them to surrender their hearts and lives to the Lord Jesus. I have changed my mind. (I believe that it is God that changed my mind.) I have come to believe that the most loving thing I can do for others is to pray for them.

Encouraging others to surrender to Jesus can put a little too much focus on my activities. I make mistakes and I don*t know precisely what they need. Praying for them gets Divine activity working on their behalf. God never makes mistakes and He knows precisely what they need.

The more and oftener that I pray for others, the more often I get to do the second most loving thing, encourage them to surrender to the Lord and the more often I hear about other Christians* successes in leading people I have prayed for to Christ.

When God is doing His more important stuff my less important stuff goes better.

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