The Upside Right World

Thank the Lord that we Christians already live in an upside-right world that the upside-down present world knows nothing about.

Zechariah 4:10b: . . . they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel . . .

F. Whitfield:

It is joy to the Christian to know that the plummet is now in the hands of our great Zerubbabel, and that when He comes forth, the world*s misrule will be over. The false standards and false estimates of men shall be swept away. The standards of *expediency,* of *conscience,* of *every man thinking as he likes, if he is only sincere* . . . these, and all similar refuges of lies shall be like a spider*s web. The measure of all things will be Christ, and Christ the Measure of all things.

How everything will be reversed! What a turning upside down of all that now exists!

Blessed day, and longed for . . . the world*s great jubilee, the earth*s long-looked-for Sabbath, groaning creation*s joy, and nature*s calm repose! Who would not cry, *Come, Lord Jesus, and end this troubled dream! Shatter the shadows of the long, dark night of sin and sorrow, sighing and tears, despair and death!*

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