When Bad Things Are Good Things

We would rather not have any bad things in our lives. We would rather be drawn to the Lord than driven to Him. But sometimes we won*t come to Him just by being drawn to Him. At those times He needs to cause something to drive us to Him. That is the ONLY REASON God permits bad things in the lives of His children. If we didn*t need them He wouldn*t permit them.

Romans 8:28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Bad things are good things when they drive us into the arms of our loving God. Satan means the bad things to keep us from the Lord and, if possible, to destroy us. Satan intends everything for evil but God intends everything for good.

Genesis 50:20a: But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.

I understand that poisonous snakes are sometimes able to hypnotize their victims and cause them to remain motionless until it is too late, until the snake grabs and kills them. If the victim can just remember truth and reality he can escape the snake. The truth and reality is that he can outrun the snake, he CAN escape the danger. It happened more than once that when my Dad was driving on a country road in North Dakota there would be a snake lying on the road with a rabbit or a bird motionless 4 or 5 feet in front of the snake*s fangs. If he could, my Dad would run over the snake. The moment the car*s tires hit that snake the spell would be broken. The bird would fly away or the rabbit would run away.

Sometimes we are like the victims of another snake. His name is Satan. Sometimes he is so crafty that he can keep our attention so intently on our problems that we forget a solution is available. God is the solution and has the solution to every problem we face. No matter what the danger, God wants to protect us from it and WILL protect us from it when we come to Him.

If we fear bad things too much and too long we might be hypnotized into inaction by our fear. If we are too angry for too long at the bad things we might be hypnotized into inaction by our anger. If we stew about the bad things too much and too long we won*t remember our Good God. I wish I was a wise enough to seek the Lord without problems but I must be a particularly ignorant Christian because I have needed a lot of problems to cause me to seek the Lord.

We are a little like giant ocean-going ships. Sometimes they need a tugboat pushing them from the rear and another pulling them from the front to get into safe harbor. Sometimes Christians need a tugboat of evil behind them pushing them to the safe harbor and a tugboat of good up front pulling them there. Sometimes we are like a railroad train that is so heavy that it needs one locomotive pushing it and another pulling it to the destination. Sometimes we are like an automobile stuck so firmly in mud that we need power pushing and more power pulling to get us out.

Sometimes a child comes to his parents to be cared for. Sometimes he comes to escape from something that frightens or hurts him. Sometimes he comes to His parents for something good and sometimes he comes to them to escape something bad. Sometimes he comes for both reasons.

God means everything in our lives to cause us to come to Him. He intends for the bad things to drive us to Him and He intends for the good things to draw us to Him. Sometimes He draws us with His love. Sometimes He permits Satan*s hatred to push us to Him. Problems are good problems if they propel us toward Him.

The better we know the Lord, the smaller the problems will seem and the less often we will need them. If our problems are overwhelming we don*t know the Lord well enough.

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