Wisdom From Vance Havner 3

God makes a handsome man once in a while just to relieve the monotony. A good-looking preacher may find himself handicapped. His profile may raise expectations which his preaching may not justify.

Matthew 2:34b: . . . out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. What is down in the well will come up in the bucket!

We say that we depend upon the Holy Spirit, but actually we are so wired up with our own devices that if the fire does not fall from heaven, we can turn on a switch and produce false fire of our own. If there is no sound of a rushing, mighty wind, we have the furnace all set to blow hot air instead. God save us from a synthetic Pentecost!

Paul speaks of spiritual babes who won*t grow up. Some of these 150 to 200 pound church babies keep the pastor busy running around with a milk bottle when they should have been on beefsteak years ago. When the church calls a new pastor, these infants may be heard to complain, I don*t like the new preacher . . . he changed my formula!

The church is not developing her recruits into disciplined soldiers. We are fighting the greatest battle of all time with the most untrained army on earth. If strict discipline is necessary in art and athletics, how can we expect to be advanced Christians and stay in kindergarten?

Gideon had too many soldiers for the kind of battle he was out to fight and the kind of victory he was out to win. The battle of the Lord is not fought along conventional lines by carnal weapons and human strategy. We*ve been trying to do it the big way . . . maybe we*d better try the little way. We have too many soldiers of the kind we have for the kind of battle we are in. Too much of our religious warfare today consists in waving the scabbard when the sword is gone.

Salt must be brought into close contact with whatever it is meant to affect if it is to do any good. Christians are the salt of the earth. We must be willing to be rubbed into the decaying carcass of an unregenerate society. Most of us are content to sit on Sunday in our little salt-shakers, far removed from a needy and lost humanity. A box of garden seeds looks very attractive with its pretty colored packages but those seeds must be emptied from the pretty packages into the dirty earth to die and come up again if we are to have anything to eat, Christians look pretty enough in church on Sunday morning but Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone . . . John 12:24.

When the Lord*s white sheep become dirty gray, all black sheep feel more comfortable!

If the creation story, the virgin birth and the resurrection are only myths, then I*m myth-taken, myth-tified and myth-erable!

Being filled with the Spirit has become more of a matter of argument than experience. Whatever it is, most Christians don*t have it. We are so afraid of getting out on a limb that we don*t even get up the tree.

Are we winning people to our church or to our Christ? If you knew that your prospect would join some other church or denomination than yours, would you still be as zealous to win him?

Sometime ago a man said to me: I work in an acid factory. A little of that stuff can kill you, but it is not the new workers who get burned. It is the old hands who grow careless. Something like that is true in Christian experience. There is the peril of getting used to being a Christian so that we grow careless and no longer watch and pray.

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