Wisdom From Vance Havner 6

A preacher should have the mind of a scholar, the heart of a child, and the hide of a rhinoceros. His problem is how to toughen his hide without hardening his heart.

I would just as soon listen to a gangster lecture on honesty as watch Hollywood portray the Bible.

Our Lord said that the days immediately before He returns will like the days of Sodom, not the days of Solomon; not a time of peace and prosperity but a time of strife and corruption.

My father was faithful to the house of God. When he felt like it and when he didn*t, when the preaching was good and when it wasn*t, my father was there.
Whether the weather be good
Or whether the weather be hot,
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be not,
Whatever the weather, he weathered the weather,
Whether he liked it or not.

Another thing I liked about Dad at church: he did his sleeping at home. He never used the church for an adult nursery.

We are not going to move this world by criticism of it nor conformity to it, but by the combustion within it of lives ignited by the Spirit of God.

We need a dedicated minority who, like the apostles of old, are willing to be called the scum of the earth and a spectacle to the world for the scandal of the cross.

The only way to meet the modern demon-stration of the powers of darkness is by a demonstration of the power of God.

My mind is made up about Jesus Christ. If you go around with your mouth open all the time and never clamp it down on food, you will die. Go around with your mind open, without ever accepting God*s revelation, and your soul will starve.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7). You have to say yes to God first before you can effectively say no to the devil.

The work of God cannot be done in the energy of the flesh. Too much religious activity is just old Adam in his Sunday clothes.

The gospel thrives on persecution. It makes better headway against a world that fights it than against a world that trifles with it. Bitter hostility is better than half-hearted endorsement.

We tell the world that America is a fairyland of plastics and gadgets and giveaway shows and handouts. If that is all we have to offer, we*re out of bait. We ought to tell the world what it really means to be an American, and the price our forefathers paid to make this the land of the free. George Washington*s footsore soldiers did not stain the snows of Valley Forge with their blood simply to build a politician*s paradise, nor did Abe Lincoln walk the White House floor night after night to pass the time away. Every young American and every foreigner coming here to live ought to learn that it cost aplenty to purchase this freedom, and it may cost more to preserve it. Likewise, when a man joins a church, we should not flatter him we should challenge him. He ought to know what it means to be a Christian; that it cost God His Son and the Son His life. They paid the top price. We ought to understand that the faith of our fathers was preserved through dungeon and fire and sword, and it is not a status symbol or a Sunday performance. When we cheapen it to make it acceptable to this age, we insult God.

The fact that the gospel is not popular is all the more reason for preaching it. The very fact that men cannot endure sound doctrine is all the more reason for seeing that they get it. It is not our responsibility to make it acceptable; it is our duty to make it available.

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