Wisdom From Vance Havner 7

We have too many casual Christians who dabble in everything but are not committed to anything. They have a nodding acquaintance with a score of subjects but are sold on nothing. Of course I*m interested in church . . . but with my club and my lodge and my golf and my bridge and my stamp collecting and my ceramics and my African violets, I just can*t get too excited about religion. Our Lord had no place in His program for casual disciples. It was all or nothing.

The tragedy of today is that the situation is desperate but the saints are not.

The Christian has nothing, yet possesses all things (2 Corinthians 6:10). Against such a paradox Satan makes little headway. He says, Serve me and I will give you many things. The Christian answers, You can*t give me anything, for I have everything. Satan says, I will take away what you have. The Christian replies: You can*t take anything away, for I don*t have anything! Satan says, I will take your life. The Christian says, To depart and be with Christ is far better. What can you do with a man like that? You can*t head him off even if you take off his head!

In this nuclear age we must remember that survival is not the chief end of man. A little boy was asked what he hoped to be twenty-five years from now. He replied, Alive! But it is better to die for a conviction than to live by compromise. *Tis man*s perdition to be safe when for the truth he ought to die, said Patrick Henry. He did not say, Give me liberty, death, or peaceful coexistence with George III. Teddy Roosevelt said that among the things which would destroy America were Peace at any price and Safety first instead of duty first.

We may expect answers to our prayers within four boundaries: His Word, His Will, our need, and our faith. Plenty of room there!

No decent married man dates another woman, and no true Christian dates this world. He is married to Christ (Romans 7:4), and if he loves the world he is God*s enemy (James 4:4). To flirt with the world is to fall love with it and end up in spiritual adultery. Physical adultery often begins with a look, a casual conversation. Christians are lured away from the Lord gradually. The first flirtations seem so harmless that warnings are resented. Preachers are pharisaical and parents are puritanical if they seek to caution their flock or their children. Many a date with this world begins innocently, with rarely a protest, but one thing leads to another and soon it is too late. The best rule is, Don*t make the first date!

Saints do not make headlines in this old world. Newspaper reporters are not hunting people who walk with God. A Christian who is a success in his profession or business may be recognized because he is a success but not because he is a saint. The deeper Christian life is an unknown quantity to this age and nobody is looking for a scoop in that field. You will be shown where the banker or celebrity lives but no one points out the home of the godliest man in town.

Preaching the truth makes people either sad, mad, or glad. Too many people today leave church on Sunday neither sad, mad, nor glad; they go out as they came in. Better go out mad than just go out!

I am glad my mother didn*t say, I can*t afford to sit up all night with this sick child. It might endanger my health! I am glad my Lord did not say; I cannot afford to go to the cross. True love and first love are not stingy and when your heart is filled with it, nobody will have to beg you to serve God.

On Revelation 2:8b, 10a: . . . These things saith the first and the last, . . . 10a Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: He begins by saying in effect, I was here before there was anything to fear and I will be here after all the things you fear have passed away.

Have you ever taken a beating because you are a Christian?

The spiritual life of the church does not usually rise higher than that of the minister.

Lady to photographer: These pictures don*t do me justice. Photographer to lady: Lady, what you need is not justice. You need mercy.

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