You Are Always On Stage

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*2 Corinthians 6:3: Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed:

Read verses 1 through 18 of the same chapter.

As a Christian, you are always on stage. People are constantly forming judgments about you. Vastly more important, they are evaluating Jesus Christ as they see Him in you.

As the Lord*s representative, His *minister,* Paul says you are to make certain *that the ministry be not blamed.* Ask yourself: *Am I careless with the truth?* *Am I prone to break promises - not show up for engagements, play fast and loose with commitments?* *Am I more eager to talk about Christ than to live for Him - especially when it costs or hurts?* If you are living what you profess to believe, if Jesus Christ is filling your life with His presence and power, you will not only honor your blessed Lord but also gain the kind of respect that is eminently worth having. Not that you*ll always be warmly accepted or willingly agreed with! Just the same, remember that Christians who are ridiculed and given a wary glance are usually those whose lifestyles do not quite measure up to what they say.

Which brings us to the question, *What identifies a Christian?* There are many answers, of course. It would appear that Paul sweeps through the whole long list and comes to the bottom line: *in much patience.* Patience is an indisputable mark of the Christian. To be patient means, literally, *to stay down - to be willing to wait on God.* In other words, don*t blow up... and don*t give up either. More on patience tomorrow.

Small thought here. Consistent, day in and day out patience is humanly impossible to achieve. It requires the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, with you and in you.*

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