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What is the Bible?

Thomas Nelson Bible Definition:

The name Bible is derived from the Greek word biblos, meaning book. This book actually is composed of 66 separate books, is a collection of ancient Hebrew and Christian writings, each complete in itself. The order of these 66 books in the Old Testament and New Testament is a logical one, giving, in general, a consecutive history of mankind -- from the story of creation in the first chapter of Genesis to the close of history foretold in the book of the Revelation.

Dr. John R. Rice in Our God-Breathed Book:

The Bible the Word of God, Perfect, Eternal, Unbreakable, Verbally-Inspired.

Jesus Pronounced it Infallibly Correct.

Christianity Stands or Falls With the Bible.

There is no other book like the Bible, no book that even remotely compares with the Bible. No other book has been printed in so many copies in so many languages.

No other book has affected human civilization, human literature, human art, human government as has the Bible.

The Bible has changed the lives of more people, has brought peace and joy and wisdom and strength to more people than all the other books ever written altogether.

The Bible is so tremendously unique as a fountain of wisdom that the famous professor, William Lyon Phelps of Yale University, says that a knowledge of the Bible without a college education is to be preferred to a college education without a knowledge of the Bible.

The Bible is like no other book in the world in that it is inspired of God. It is literally God*s Word. It is God-breathed revelation.

The Bible is more accurate than any scientific book in the world. In fact, it is the only absolutely reliable book ever written, because it is the very Word of God. It is correct in history, accurate in science, It is morally perfect. It fits the twentieth century as well as the first century. It fits Gentiles as well as Jews, white as well as black, old as well as young, learned as well as the ignorant. Other books pass out of date, but the bible is never out of date. The Bible fits all men of all ages. It is the only perfect book ever written. The Bible is the infallible Word of God. It is supernatural, perfect, eternal. Oh, what a treasure that men have on earth, written down in words they can understand, a veritable revelation of God making clear the will of God, making clear the way of salvation, the way of fellowship with God, opening wide the gate of Heaven to sinners, offering limitless wisdom to the unlearned, offering peace to the troubled and pardon for the sinning.

If the Bible be not the very Word of God, it is a book of the most extravagant lies ever written. Either the Bible is what it claims to be, the very Word of God, or it is not myth, not legend, not fairy tale, not inaccurate history, but bold, deliberate, willful falsehood with false morals, a false Christ, a false religion. The Bible must be accepted as what it claims to be, the very Word of God, or it must be rejected as forgery and falsehood. Thank God that devout Christians who have tried it know that the Bible is what it claims to be, the very Word of God.

We have said that the Bible expressly claims to be the Word of God. That is true. It does make that claim definitely and repeatedly. But even more impressive, perhaps, is the fact that the Bible from one end to the other ACTS like the Word of God. It claims for itself the authority, the qualities, the perfections which could only be true of the very Word of God, supernatural and perfect.

The Bible speaks on matters which only God could know. For example, the first chapter of Genesis tells of the creation of the world, the land, the sea and the skies, the heavenly bodies, plants, animals and man. No one else could have been there to see it all. So the Bible speaks on the assumption that it is from God who did these things and who alone would know how to describe them.

The second coming of Christ, the rapture of the saints, the reign of the Antichrist, the regathering and conversion of Israel, the millennial reign on earth -- all are foretold in such amazing detail as were the facts of Christ*s first coming, and they will be fulfilled as literally. You see, the Bible, speaking with all the knowledge and authority of God, can deal with matters of prophecy in a way no human book, no other sacred book of any other religion, would possibly dare to do. The Bible not only claims to be the Word of God, but it acts like the Word of God. It claims for itself the qualities and authority and prerogatives of the very Word of God. The Bible not only claims to be the very Word of God, but proves the claim.

Is there not a human element involved in the writing of the Bible? Of course there is. God, in loving mercy, loves to involve us frail mortals in His miraculous works. God used Mary in the conception and birth of the Saviour, yet the miracle was of God and not of Mary. God let Naaman the Syrian dip seven times in the River Jordan, to be cleansed of his leprosy, but it was God who miraculously cleansed him: the miracle was wholly of God. God lets a lost sinner trust Jesus Christ for salvation and the convicted heart decides to trust Jesus and be saved. But it is God who works the miraculous change. Regeneration, the miraculous part of salvation, is entirely a divine matter. And so God let men help in writing the Bible, and God chose to put some human color in the Bible. But we must remember that always it was by the choice of God, not the choice of men. God selected the men. God prepared the men. God inspired the men. And God let these believing men be represented, in some small way, in what they wrote. But the words are God*s words just as the thoughts are God*s thoughts.

Always God has more for one who studies and prays and has the leading of the Spirit in the study of the Word.

The Word of God is pure, perfect and tried.

Psalms 119:140: Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.

2 Samuel 22:31: As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all them that trust in him.

Psalms 19:7: The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.

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