Articles dealing with God Seeks Us:

A Marriage Proposal
A Mysterious Influence
A Personal God
A Ransom For Your Soul
A Sliver Of Eternity
A Wonderful Word
Affliction Worketh
All The Day Long 1
Alone With Oneself
Apathy Toward Sin
Be Not Silent To Me
Because We Love Him
Before Ye Ask Him 2
Begotten Or Conceived
Blessing Or Cursing Are The Choices
Born Of The Will Of God 2
Channels Not Sources
Come To God
Come Unto Me
Committed Christians
Dates With The Lord
Election And Free Will
Evil Men Understand Not
Few There Be That Find It
Few There Be That Find It 2
Four Reasons Christians Belong To God
Gifts Of God
God Can Do Anything
God Carries Us
God Has A Plan
God Has Trusted You
God Is All We Need
God Is My Portion Forever
God Loves Even Stragglers
God Owns You
God Promises Perfection
God Speaks (Are We Listening?)
God Speaks In Unique Ways
God Speaks To Men
God Speaks To Men Continued
God Speaks To Men Continued 2
God The Revealer
God Wants YOU
God Wants You 2
God With Us
God*s Sacrifice For You
His Unspeakable Gift
How Important Is God To You
I Am Loved
I Brought You Unto Myself
Ignorant Foolish Or Forgetful
Israel Has A Glorious Future 3
Jesus Is Coming Again
Jesus Wants You With Him
Justice Or Mercy 2
Keep On Sowing
Learn From A Donkey
Leaving God Out
Lonely For Jesus
Make Time For God
Might As Well Surrender
Mighty To Save
My Sheep Hear My Voice
Never Give Up On A Lost Soul
No More Death
Nobody Loves Me
Not Of The Will Of Man
Not Of The Will Of Man 2
Nothing Can Keep Us From Jesus Except
Our Dearest Relationship
Peace Be Unto You
Power To Usward Who Believe
Prayer Earthquake Trembling
Reasoning With God
Rejecting Christ
Salvation Is Of The Lord 2
Spiritual Suicide
Start Your Day With God
Streams In The Desert
That It May Be Well With Thee
The Awful Price Of Unbelief 2
The Blessed Hope
The Completeness Of Salvation
The Dumbest Man?
The God Of My Life 2
The God Of The Valleys
The Gospel In Writing
The Holy Trinity And The Bible
The Lord Calls Us
The Lord Wants You WITH HIM
The Lord Wants Your Life
The Lordship Of Jesus
The Means Of Regeneration
The New Commandment
The Truth About God
The TV Does Not Love You
The Voice Of God
The Wonderful Works Of God
There Is No One Like You
They Thought They Knew Better
Those God Spared Not
Two Evils
What Did He Say
What Happened When Adam Died 3
What Jesus Left Above
What Jesus Stood Up For
What The Love Of God Does
What We Have Done To Ourselves
Where Can We Find God?
While He Is Near
Who Initiates Adoptions
Why We Need To Trust God
Why You Are Here
Without Excuse
Without Excuse
Without Excuse 2
Ye Are My Witnesses
Ye Can Do Nothing 2
YOU Are Important To God
You Are Important To God 2
You Have Been Ordained