Articles dealing with Service:

A Brand New *Want To*
A Chore Or A Delight?
A Christian Life Is Different
A Guilty Conscience
A Life Worth Spreading
A New Job
A One-God Man
A Renewed Mind
A Seal We Cannot Break
A Simple Way To Live
A Tree Of Life
A Useful Life
Ability To Serve Is A Gift Of God
Accepted In The Beloved
All Power
All Wrapped Up In Self
Apples Of Gold 2
Are You A Giver Or A Taker?
Are You A Phony Christian?
Are You Properly Nourished
As Thyself
As We Have Opportunity
Assurance Of Salvation
Be An Encourager Not A Critic
Be Careful Who You Follow
Be Prepared
Becoming Useful To God
Being A Christian Is Work
Benefits Of Church Attendance 4
Blessed Are The Peacemakers 2
Blessed Obedience
Blessings In Your Past
Causing Others To Sin 2
Check Yourself
Cheer Up
Choose Life
Choose You This Day
Christian Responsibilities
Christians Are Servants
Christians Are Wealthy Paupers
Christians Have The Most Fulfilling Lives
Citizens Of Heaven
Depression 7
Desiring The Will Of God
Discouragement Is Discouraged
Do What You Can
Do You LOVE What You Do
Doing God*s Will Is Exciting
Enter Into Joy
Established Goings
Eternal Life Is Happening Now
Every Day Belongs To God
Every Hour Has Its Duty
Every Split Second
Examine Your Anger
Examine Your Love
Expect Fowls
Expect Opposition 2
Faith Finds A Way
Faith In The Holy Spirit 2
Faith Love And Joy Grow Together
Feeling Helpless?
Fence Sitting
Fighting To Avoid Serving The Lord
Finest Of The Fine
Finish The Course
First Be A Good Listener
Foot Soldiers Needed
Forgetting You Are Saved
Four Daily Questions
Fourteen Thousand Ways To Serve
Fret Not Thyself
Full-Time Children Of God
Get Wisdom
Give The Lord The Best Time Of Your Day
Go Ye Into All The World
God Attends Church Regularly
God Can Use YOU Too
God Has Jobs For YOU
God Has Trusted You
God Knoweth All Things
God Knows The Future
God Living And Working In Us
God Loves Even Stragglers
God Owns You
God Wants To Use You
God Will ALWAYS Help His Own
God*s Will Is Best
Gods Purposes For Creating You
Gods Purposes For The Bible
Good Addictions
Good For Nothing
Good Pleasure For Us
Gospel Tracts
Growing Old Gracefully
Guilty Or Joyful
Half Heartedness
Have I Done My Best
Helping The Needy
Hidden Hatred
Highlights Of Our Lives
Him Only Shalt Thou Serve
Holding Up Our End
How Long Can One Trifle With God
How MUCH Do We Love God
How To Bless The Lord
How To Get Weaker
How To Love
How To Win A Soul 1
How To Win A Soul 5
I Will Strengthen Thee
If You Are Not Willing
If You Are Saved Tell Someone
If You Love Others Prove It
If You Share The Gospel
Influence But Not Preeminence
Is The Lord In Your Hobbies
It*s Your Choice
Know And Use Your Authority
Labor Not To Be Rich
Labourers Together With God
Labourers Together With God 2
Lay Aside Every Weight And The Sin
Laziness Kills
Leaving God In The Parking Lot
Let George Do It
Let Your Light Shine
Levels Of Blessing
Lightening Our Loads
Little And Ordinary Become Great
Lively Stones
Living Martyrs
Love And Hate Have Different Plans
Love Fits
Love Is A Choice
Love Is Not Lazy
Love Is The Key
Love Meets Needs
Love Tells Us What We Lack
Love Them Better
Love Them First
Love*s Effect
Lovers Of Jesus Hate Sin
Loving Others Brings Blessing
Make An Impact
Make God A Habit
Make Yourself Useful
More Alive
More Alive 2
More Blessed
Most Of Our Anger Is Sin
Most Of Our Anger Is Sin 2
Multiplied Peace
My Selfishness Harms Me
My Yoke Is Easy
Needs, Duties and Privileges
Not In Vain
Obedience Is The Key To Everything
Occupy Till I Come 2
One Step At A Time
Opposing Servants Of God
Others Serving Us
Our Failures
Our Master
Outward Christianity
Part Of The Body Of Christ
Pick Your Battles
Pleasing God Should Be Our Goal
Porcupines Need Love
Pray For Yourself
Pray Successfully
PREPARE To Serve The Lord
Pure Instruments Of God
Receive Yield Commit
Recreated To Serve
Rejoice Evermore
Rewards Out Of This World
Run To Serve The Lord
Running The Place
Satisfaction And Heaven Too
Saved From My Own Way
Saved From Sinning Here And Now
Saving Faith Is Living Faith
Servanthood Of Believers
Servants Of God
Servants Of The Destroyer
Serve The LORD With Gladness
Serving Our Enemies
Serving The Lord Is Healthy
Serving Your Enemies
Simple And Elaborate Excuses
Sowers Are Not Perfect
Spiritual Food AND Spiritual Exercise
Start Small Where You Are
Subject To Harm
Supreme Surrender 2
Testimonies I Have Enjoyed
Thank You Lord
The Beauty Of The Lord Our God
The Best Christian Leaders
The Best Life
The Costs Of Watching TV
The Cure For Loneliness
The Death Of Stephen
The Lesson Of Luke 16
The Lord Deserves Your Best
The Most Important Work
The New Commandment
The Obedience Of Faith
The Poor Shall Never Cease
The Sincere Milk
The Unwilling Become Unable
The Wages Of Selfishness
The Way To Be Satisfied
The Wrong Comparisons
Things Only YOU Can Do For Him
Trust God And Do What YOU Can
Turning From Idols
TV And Selfishness
Two Blank Checks
Two Kinds Of Hatred
Two Paths Of Life
Understanding Grace
Unselfish Christianity
Unwilling Or Unable To Serve
Use It Or Lose It
Walk Worthy
We Are All Preachers
We Have The Mind Of Christ
We Need Edification
We Need The Bible Every Day
We Need To Be Givers
We NEED To Serve Others
We Shall Give Account
What Are We Doing For Jesus?
What Is A Minister?
What Keeps Me From Serving God
What Shall We Do
What To Do With Our Bodies
What Will God Ask Of You
What Will We Enjoy In Heaven
When Individuals Reject Christ
When There Is Too Little Time
When You Belong To Jesus
Where God Takes Over
Where To Start In The Bible 2
Who Is Leading You
Who Is Your Neighbor?
Whose Are You?
Why We Are Still On Earth
Willing Able And Fruitful
Without The Bible 2
Women In Ministry
Work Before Pleasure
Working Giving Serving Loving And Praying
Ye Are The Light Of The World
Ye Can Do Nothing
You Must Get Before You Can Give
You NEED To Pray For Others
Your Blind Side Is Covered
Your Fathers Business
Your Salvation Is Not Just For You