Articles dealing with Trials:

Affliction Worketh
Be Of Good Cheer
Beneficial Trouble
Blessed TEMPORARY Suffering
Blessings In Disguise
Called To Suffering
Delight And Persecution
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Disappointed With Myself
Distasteful Truths About Christianity
Encourage Yourself
Expect Persecution
Fear God Appropriately
Five Struggles Of Man
Fretting Against The Lord
Go To The Greatest Problem Solver
God Always Gives More
God Cares For Us
God Is In The Details
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God Works In Mysterious Ways
Gods Will Is Always Good Enough
Hard Pills To Swallow
Holding Out On God
How To Love Our Enemies
Is Your Life Unsatisfying
Its All About Attitude
Joy And Obedience
Loyalty To God
Many Adversaries
No Pain No Gain 2
Not Always A Bed Of Roses
Our Great Escape
Our Greatest Intercessor
Persecution 3
Persecution 4
Pray For My Failures
Problems We Can Handle
Suffering With Jesus
Suffering With Jesus 2
Suffering With Jesus 3
The Better Way To Suffer
The Former Shall Not Be Remembered
The Most Joyful People
The Zigzag Path
Think It Not Strange
Thorns In The Flesh
Thorns In The Flesh 2
Tired Of Being Afraid?
Truth Or Feelings
Unhappy Is The Man
We Need An Internal Saviour
What Causes Misery?
When God Disappoints Us
Who Is Most Joyful
Why Tragedies Happen
Would You Still Trust Him?
Your Comfort Zone